Check your payslip

This payslip calculator performs monthly calculations for the 2022/23 tax year on a Month 1 basis. It applies from 6 July 2022 to 5 April 2023. These deductions should approximate to your monthly payslip. Please see the explanatory notes below.

The calculator calculates the liability based on a personal allowance of £12,570.

Your payslip information
For example, if your tax code is 1257L enter 1257.
Please note:
  1. Different payroll packages do give different results. The results given by our calculator may not therefore agree exactly with your payslip but will be approximately correct
  2. For calculating gross pay from net pay you will need to make an initial guess for the gross figure and then start amending that figure in the appropriate direction until you arrive at the target net pay figure.
  3. For directors the NI is calculated on a monthly basis and not on an earnings basis.
  4. This calculator is designed for the standard National Insurance category, ie. not contracted out of SERPS, and for persons aged between sixteen and retirement age (Category A).