Brits support climate change taxation

Jun 12, 2024

The UK population is the second most willing in Europe to support higher taxes to combat climate change, trailing only Spain. In Spain, 43% of the population is happy to pay more taxes for this cause, while in the UK, 40% of people are willing to contribute more.

Income levels significantly influence willingness to pay. In the UK, 51% of individuals earning over £41,467 are willing to pay higher taxes, compared to the European average of 46%. Among those earning less than £20,077, 37% of UK respondents are still willing to pay more, aligning closely with the European range of 38% for higher and 32% for lower earners.

However, the impact of climate issues on investment decisions varies. In Europe, 38% of higher and 32% of lower earners consider climate issues when investing. In contrast, only 29% of UK earners over £41,467 and 22% of those earning less than £20,077 are influenced by climate concerns in their investment choices.

This survey, conducted between 21 and 27 March, included 8,000 respondents from France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, with 1,000 of the participants from the UK.

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